Curiox Laminar Wash, FULLY automated sample preparation

Automate flow cytometry sample preparation with laminar wash technology

Get fast, consistent results with higher cell retention, increased resolution and superior data quality.
Curiox Laminar Wash


Achieve higher throughputs and cleaner data with our 96-well laminar washing system.

With the Curiox Laminar Wash HT2000 System, you get all the benefits of gentle laminar cell washing in a format compatible with high-throughput and automated workflows.

curiox ht 2000 cytosens

Intuitive Touch-screen Interface

Quickly customize starting volume, flow rate and number of washes.

Automation-friendly Firmware & PCB

Easily integrate with automated robotic platforms

High-throughput 96-well Format

Process multiple samples at once with our gentle laminar washing technology.

Optional Buffer Exchange (BEX)

Use the touch-screen interface to choose from up to 8 different solutions.

Laminar Washing Technology

Gentle cell washing in a 96-well format.

Optimized Deck Layout

A completely contained system for washer maintenance plates, washer load tray,
heater/shaker, cooling device, reagent/buffer plates, input/output stacks and tips.

Laminar Wash AUTO Software

The user-friendly software interface allows sample-specific modifications
to methods and comes with pre-programmed protocols to ensure user consistency.

Curiox Laminar Wash Auto


Accelerate high-throughput flow and mass cytometry workflows with fully automated sample preparation.

The Laminar Wash AUTO 1000 System eliminates time-consuming and labor-intensive manual pipetting and handling by automating the complete surface and intracellular staining workflow for flow and mass cytometry. You get all the benefits of laminar washing in a completely automated system.

Transform your centrifuge-based workflow with Laminar Wash Technology to improve efficiency, data quality and biosafety.


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