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Cell therapy processing

Clear resolution and retention of rare cell populations proves to be an issue in cell therapy processing using traditional centrifugation protocols, which can cause significant mechanical stress, reduced viability, and low retention of target cells. This is particularly problematic when dealing with rare cell types like gamma-delta T cells, which tend to have low starting cell numbers and high variability. It is therefore critical to be able to resolve these populations clearly to ensure the optimal cell therapy is delivered to the right patient.

New and improved with a touchscreen for easy menu selection, as well as a buffer exchanger for automated startup and shutdown sequences, the HT2000 washer is available as a stand-alone platform or as part of a fully-automated solution – the AUTO1000™.

The Laminar Wash™ HT2000 washer provides a proven alternative to the comparatively inconsistent centrifugal process and its associated washing steps. It ensures reproducible, automated washes across operators and similar or improved cell retention and viability. By eliminating the need for plate flicking, it greatly reduces the risks of cross-contamination and biosafety hazard to the scientist. Its trademark benefits of efficient debris removal while preserving cell state makes for cleaner separation of rare cell populations. These advantages have been documented by an increasing number of laboratories that have adopted the Laminar Wash™ technology in their workflow.

“The Laminar Wash’s performance allows us to get very tight control over populations with very tight CV’s largely due to the fact of the clear separations between populations. The maintained ability to detect rare populations is important as we detect the next round of cell therapy products.”

Traditional centrifugation


Laminar flow technology

Comparison of an immuno-staining workflow for the preparation of a single cell suspension for flow cytometry analysis. Laminar Wash technology is equally effective in washing but without the use of a centrifuge.


Benefits of laminar wash for cell and gene therapy

The use of Laminar Wash can improve data from research to analytical development to manufacturing quality control. The Laminar Wash technology can provide the following to cell and gene therapy applications:

Scientific Data

Data using the laminar wash system

Improved Resolution of Rare Cell Populations

Laminar Wash™ consistently gives better resolution between populations and less spread within populations, making gating strategy easier for operators and algorithms. Data shown here of rare gamma-delta T cell types, courtesy of Adicet Bio, a Curiox customer.

Improved Condition of Rare Cells

Laminar Wash™ enables better preservation of rare cell types. Data shown here of MAIT, Treg, and gamma-delta T cells in a whole blood depletion assay.


Curiox Laminar Wash


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