Flow Cytometers

We offer specialized instruments for routin or high complexy flow cytometric analysis.
Our Spectral analyzers offer a broad range of applications from basic to high parameters analysys.

Spectral Flow Cytometers

Cell Analyzers

Flow cytometers that identify, count, and characterize cells to support cell analysis. From easy to use benchtop spectral systems to high-parameter spectral analyzer / flow cytometer up to 7 lasers and 188 detectors.

ID7000 high-parameter spectral analyzer / flow cytometer can be configured with up to 7 lasers and 186 detectors.

SA3800 Spectral Analyzer cytometry

SA3800 spectral analyzer / flow cytometer features ease-of-use, automation and spectral technology to optimize sensitivity and simplify workflow.


Designed for research and clinical applications. It offers advanced performance, as well as convenient installation and operation.

Innovative instruments for flow cytometry

We are a startup dedicated to flow cytometry in every aspect. We want to be the new benchmark for non-traditional cytometry.