Cell Sorters
Embracing the needs of bioprocessing, pharmaceutical industries, and cutting-edge therapeutic development workflows, Cytosens cell sorters are your partners in innovation.
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Cell Analyzers
We offer specialized instruments for routin or high complexy flow cytometric analysis. Our Spectral analyzers offer a broad range of applications from basic to high parameters analysys.
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Sample Preparation for Flow Cytometry
Automate flow cytometry sample preparation with laminar wash technology Get fast, consistent results with higher cell retention, increased resolution and superior data quality.
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Now, with the analysis of spectral flow cytometry, researchers and scientists can study an increasing number of molecules of interest.
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Flow Cytometry

Innovative technological tools for non-traditional cytometry

We offer flow cytometry and imaging instrumentation, reagents and services to accelerate life science discovery through innovation.

Flow Cytometers

Technology overview

LongCyte™ Flow Cytometer

Transform your lab’s efficiency and innovation. Effortlessly
Discover Laminar Wash Technology

We are Curiox Exclusive Distributors for Italy

See how Laminar Wash Technology achieves higher cell retention and viability with plate washing in as short as 2 mins. We are Curiox exclusive distributors for Italy

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