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We offer specialized instruments for routin or high complexy flow cytometric analysis.
Our Cell Sorter with their fully automated operation fit perfectly with every laboratory needs.

Flow Cytometers

Cell Sorters

Welcome to Cytosens, where precision meets versatility in cell sorting technology. Our advanced range of cell sorters is engineered to cater to the diverse demands of research labs across the globe. With user-friendly design and minimal maintenance requirements, our instruments deliver exceptional performance and accuracy.

Embracing the needs of bioprocessing, pharmaceutical industries, and cutting-edge therapeutic development workflows, Cytosens cell sorters are your partners in innovation. Discover how our technology can enhance your research capabilities today.

SH800S cell sorter / flow cytometer features automation for ease of operation, microfluidics sorting and a benchtop fit to make it a good fit for individual labs.

MA900 multi-application cell sorter features ease of use, support for up to 12 fluorescence parameters and 4-way sorting.

Characterizing and sorting cells based on image information at record high-throughput rates by integrating a novel ultrafast imaging technique with artificial intelligence.


The CGX10 is designed to fit your GMP environment with its compact design, intuitive touch screen user interface, ease of operation and sterile single-use consumables which ensure operation as a fully-closed system.

Innovative instruments for flow cytometry

We are a startup dedicated to flow cytometry in every aspect. We want to be the new benchmark for non-traditional cytometry.