Cell Therapy


Label-free Monitoring and Isolation of Target Cells

VisionSort Solution for Cell Therapy

Cell therapy visionsort

Conventionally, surface markers or stains have been necessary to characterize and isolate target cells in the cell therapy manufacturing process. By applying Ghost Cytometry, we perform label-free characterization and isolation of cells at high throughput by using machine predicted “in-silico” labels. 

Our technology can classify and isolate cells based on morphological differences and has been used for identifying live and dead cells, activated and resting T cells, and differentiated and undifferentiated stem cells. It has also been used to assess more subtle morphological variations in cells and organelles including cell-cycle phases, glycolytic levels, and apoptotic status. 

This technology is highly compatible with automated manufacturing processes and since label-free cell characterization eliminates a sampling step, it enables inline measurements and enrichment in the cell manufacturing process.

Examples of cellular phenotypes distinguishable by Ghost Cytometry​

Low Glycolysis
High Glycolysis

* Images acquired from the FlowSight system (Luminex)

Key Advantages of ThinkCyte Technology

Label-free process

Cells can be characterized and isolated without the use of molecular labels, ideal for automated cell manufacturing.

Closed system

Cell monitoring and isolation processes are performed within a sterile and closed system.

High throughput

Image-based cell sorting at a high throughput rate, over 3,000 cells per second.

New imaging “biomarkers”

Image-based profiling and isolation of cells lead to new biological findings.

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